Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The last few months...

I have realised that I have been neglecting my blog a little bit recently so as I get out over the summer I'll pop on some more posts and photos. 
I have been concentrating more on sport climbing this year and so have been on a few days out sport climbing and even went on a trip to Kalymnos (an island off Greece) in May.
It was my first visit to Kalymnos and only my second climbing trip abroad so we made it more of a milage trip rather than a hard climbing trip. Here are some photos....

Neill on Trela 7a

DNA 7a

Comfy wee seat!

Selfie with a goat..


We have also been on a couple of trips down to Yorkshire sampling some of the routes at Malham and Kilnsey. I really enjoyed climbing at Kilnsey because it has a 2 minute walk in and there were lots of crimpy routes which suited me perfectly! We warmed up on a 6b+ and a 6c and then both managed WYSIWYG, a cool little 7b, on our second go. I also tried a tricky wee 7c called Biological Need a couple of times and managed to get up to the last clip! Next time!

This year I have really been developing my route-setting and even helped out setting for the British youth climbing series final at Ratho as well as a couple of days up at Aberdeen for a prep event. Hopefully next year I will be able to help set for the European Youth Championships at Ratho!

I have noticed big improvements in my sport climbing as we have been training loads and trying all the hard routes from the recent comps. This will definitely come in useful on our other trips planned this year, Ceuse (France) in August and Kalymnos again in October!

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