Friday, 6 September 2013


A couple of weeks ago me and Neill flew out to Sardinia for a nice sunny holiday and to sample some of the climbing there. My auntie lives over there and so we stayed at her house along with my dad and his friend, who were also on holiday. We stayed down in the south, which is pretty far from the most popular crags at Cala Ganone, but we visited 3 crags within an hours drive and they were all excellent.
Our first couple of days were spent chilling out and visiting the beach. It was nice being able to swim in the warm sea compared to the freezing lakes in the Lake District or the North sea at Tyninghame.

Brian at the beach

chilling with Bert

On our 3rd day we headed to a crag called Canneland near a wee place called Domasnovus. This was about an hours drive but was well worth it even just to see the big make it even better, it was a 2 second walk in!

Our warm up ( not that we needed to get any warmer!) was a really cool 6b+ tufa route following these 2 massive tufas. Here's some photos of me and Neill on it.
Cool 6b+ tufa

The sun hit the routes on this face pretty fast and so we moved over to the other side of the cave and into the shade. The other side of the cave is much steeper and our second route was a boulder 6c. The first few moves turned out to be the crux and the rest of it was pretty juggy apart from one wee undercut move near the top.

After a quick stop for food Neill climbed an amazing line following a big flake feature through the roof. It turned out to be a 7a+, looked pretty pumpy though....

The second crag we visited was called Urania in Icily and was definitely the best climbing of the trip! It was an absolutely roasting day but luckily we got it in the shade for a little bit because once the sun hit it we couldn't climb anymore!

We stuck to the same less steep pocketed section on the crag and did a few 6b+s and 6c. The rock here was really cool, I've never climbed on pockety rock like this....


This is actually how you start!

After it got too hot we went for a swim in a impressively big lake...

A wee scooter ride...

Neill's off!!
Crazy snake
The last crag we went to was just outside Caglihari which is the capitol and is pretty much where my auntie stays...pretty handy. This was probably the hottest day of the trip, or maybe it just felt like that because it had a ten minute walk in. The routes were a bit shorter and slightly more polished but still pretty good. We only did a couple of 6b+s and 6cs before we began to bake and had to go for a swim!


a super steep 6c

Overall, it was an amazing holiday and the climbing was also amazing! It was so good that we have booked flights to go back again in October.....

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