Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Dreaming of Summer

It's been a while since i last posted and that's due to the fact that i haven't actually done anything in the last month. Obviously it is too cold to be doing trad and well i don't believe that anything done indoors is worth posting about. I have been climbing a little at Alien and Ratho hoping to get a little fitter for next summer as some of the routes on my wishlist may require more endurance than i have at the moment! Bouldering is a bit of a weak point for me, primarily because i find it a little boring and probably because i am fairly weak! Anyway, here are a few routes that are on the top of my wishlist for next year.

Shelterstone - Steeple + Needle 
The Ben - Torro + Centurian + Titan's Wall
Carmore - Dragon + Gob + Fionn Buttress
Beinn Eighe - Angel Face + Grooving High
Glencoe - Shibboleth + Carnivore + Big Top + YoYo + Unicorn
Creag Dubh - The Fuhrer + Over the Hill + Wet Dreams
Aberdeen - Prehistoric Monster 
North-West - The Screamer + Miss Moneypenny

 - Whit's End Direct + Eastern Hammer + Springbank + Equus + Kipling Groove + Cruel Sister
- Grand Alliance + Bitter Oasis 

Great Wall + The Axe 
Right Wall + Resurrection + Cenotaph + Cemetery Gates + Super Direct 

and obviously lots, lots more...

Anyway, apart from climbing indoors, i've also been trying to learn A little guitar. I am terrible just now but it has only been a couple of days so hopefully i will be more like Hendrix by Christmas ! My new years resolution is going to be giving up chocolate until i have either climbed an 8a or onsighted an e6!