Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Plastic on a sunny day ?!!

Last weekend, when the weather was glorious, i was indoors pulling on plastic. Embarrassing, i know, but this was my last year as a junior in the BLCCs so i thought i'd give it ago before i get thrashed in the seniors! I was hoping to get a place on the podium this year and felt that 3rd was definitely within reach. However, i hadn't expected a Swiss tank to show up! Anyway, i think i did pretty well on my first two qualifiers. My first route was on the old comp wall and was a techy route up a groove, just my style! I climbed all the way up to the second last hold without any difficulty but then i realised that the last move was slightly dynamic, not my style! I popped pathetically and managed to touch the last hold.

first qualifier


dancing with ma agent

 Our second route was also on the old comp wall but was slightly steeper than our first! It went through two roofs and was covered in lovely positive crimps. I watched quite a few of the youth A and some junior girls fall off at the lip of the first roof as it looked like quite a powerful rockover/lock. It's fair to say that i was well chuffed when i did this move statically with ease! In the end i managed to make it to the lip of the second roof before pumping out (probably something to do with my sloth speed!). Scraping through to the final, i was horrified to see that it was on the stupidly steep new comp wall. I hate this wall, i just don't think that being upside-down is natural, unless bungee jumping! I also see a pattern on this wall, jugs far apart with lots of throws and heel hooks, just plain durty! Anyway, i started off slow as usual and was pumped after a few clips. I made it about halfway and came 4th in the end.  I was pretty pleased with my performance but unfortunately couldn't take part in the seniors as i was working, or is it unfortunate? :P

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