Thursday, 27 September 2012

Scottish Yoof Open

I know it's been a while since i last posted but i have been busy training....not! I have been busy trying to ride a unicycle! My aim is to juggle on a unicycle (obviously i have too much spare time on my hands!). 

As for climbing, a couple of weekends ago, i took part in the Scottish open. Choosing indoors over trad is totally mad but it is my last year in the junior category so i thought i'd give it a go before i get totally thrashed by the seniors! Last year i was the only junior girl in this competition which makes it a little boring, so luckily another girl entered this year to give me a little competition. 
Our first route was an awkward, up-side-downy 7a. I got to the crux and fell off pathetically, not really going for the next hold. I wasn't strong enough to static the move and well...poppy is sloppy! My second route was lovely and was definitely more my style. Slightly overhanging with positive crimps all the way. I topped this route and then spent the couple of hours before isolation juggling. Our final route was a minging, technical, slopey crimp fest up groove. Every hold was like a foothold, but i think i did not too bad, getting around 2/3 or 3/4 of the way up? cant remember but i'm sure i did well :). 

ooh look, i tied a boline!

starting up first qualifier

must not heel hook! (durty)

looking happy

starting up final

where's all tha huds?

cheesing! with my agent brian :P

Unfortunately the weather has been pretty gash lately so not much has been happening outdoors. I have been back to the Pass of Ballater which is a great wee crag. Although it rained in the morning, it only took a few hours to dry. I did the fantastic but pretty pumpy Pretzel Logic E3 5c. This led to the upper tier where i attempted the classic Peels Wall E4 6a. Still a bit pumped from the previous route, i fought up the bottom section, which is very bouldery and got all the way up to the slab before i came off! Tricky wee route, i was soooo pumped even though i only placed 3 bits of gear!!! Unfortunately no photos!!

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