Monday, 27 August 2012

Who turned the lights out in Glencoe (or who didn't!!!)

Sorry i haven't updated for a while, i have been pretty busy (lazy). Last weekend we managed a good little trip up to the Cairngorms to climbing The Magic Crack HVS 5a in Coire an t'sneachda. This route is given 4 stars so we expected it to be a mega classic but unfortunately the first couple of pitches were wet and dirty. The last pitch however was spectacular, following the totally scarred crackline (stupid winter folk!). The crack was my lead and i found it pretty sustained and hard for feet but i couldn't complain about the gear, rock 5s all the way!

The amazing crack on pitch 3

At the weekend just past, we headed up to Glencoe as the weather here looked best. We had planned to walk in to Rannoch Wall and try Line Up HVS. Leaving early, we were under the buachaille at about 7.30am. We packed our stuff and began the walk in only to be absolutely soaked by a shower on curved ridge. We decided to just scramble up curved ridge and walk down the path. Back at the car, we realised that we had left the lights on!! With a dead battery and no phone reception we headed for the Kingshouse Hotel. We tried to hitch but nobody stopped so it took us an hour to walk the 4 miles. The nice people at the hotel let me use their landline to phone the RAC as being put on hold on a payphone does not sound fun! Eventually i got through and we made our way back to the car to meet our rescuer. Luckily we got a lift from an American couple visiting Scotland. Having only driven on the left side of the road for 2 days, they told us to buckle up! We made it back to the car and watched it get electrocuted back to life whilst being eaten alive by midges. Not how we had expected our day to turn out but was fun nonetheless. :-)

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