Sunday, 29 July 2012

Podium Place!

I haven't climbed outside much over the last couple of weeks due to the crap weather but i have been out helping with real rock sessions at Aberdour and Glen Clova. These sessions have been great and have defo helped quicken up my set-ups. SPA assessment soon! 

On Saturday the British Youth Open was held at Ratho and seeing as it was close to home, and the weather stopped me from doing some real climbing :P, i thought i'd give it a go. In the morning i signed in and caught a glimpse of who i was up against. I thought for sure i'd come last! Mountain routes don't really give you the endurance needed for comps and Ratho's new comp wall is certainly not my favorite angle! Luckily i only had one route on this wall which was my first qualifier. Watching the Youth A girls and the first two in my category fail on the last move didn't fill me with confidence. I made it up to the last move and jumped! (i am ashamed of such dynamic movement). I touched the last hold and was pretty happy with that seeing as only one girl topped out.

First qualifier

 Our second route was more my style, a crimp fest on the old comp wall. I made it up to the crux where most people fell off and managed to match the crux sloper before falling off. This is mainly due to the fact that my thumb found it's way into the bolt hole :).

Second qualifier

 Anyway i came fourth and made it into the final. Isolation was spent juggling - best warm up! I was out first and was on yet another techy old comp wall route :). I found it relatively easy up to the crux which was a desperate rockover move. Quite a long lock but i managed to get the next hold(just) . Here i realised i couldn't clip and so i pulled up to the next hold which i was also too weak to clip from! I slapped for the next hold and missed but was happy at getting so far up the route.

Final route!

I got to the one under the big roond one!

 In the end i came third and won a "nutbuster" (nutkey!) and a wee bronze medal. Well chuffed :D

turd place

was thinking of stealing the sign ;)

what a clown!

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