Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Avoiding the floods..

Sorry i haven't updated for a while but i have been up in Reiff helping out with a MCofS Real Rock trip.While Edinburgh was drowning, we were climbing in glorious sunshine! I headed up on last friday with Martin but unfortunately it was a bit showery and so we  ended up at Am Fasgadh, a brilliant (but desperate) sport crag near Gairloch. I managed to redpoint one route called "The Warm up" which is bit of a sandbag at 7b. I went bolt to bolt putting the clips in and fell off the second last hold on my first lead! Well that's not surprising considering the crux is the last move! I managed to get it second go, mainly because i didn't want to do the crimpy, pressy horrible crux again. For the rest of the day i played about on a 7c to the left which i will hopefully get after another couple of visits.

On Sunday i checked in at the Port a Bhaigh campsite just along from Reiff. Monday morning everyone on the trip met up at the campsite and we headed for Pinnacle Area, the crag with the shortest walk in and possibly the largest quantity of easier routes. We set up some top ropes for the kids while Pam took them one at a time to try a lead. It was and lovely sunny, as was the rest of the week, and i even squeezed in a bit of sunbathing :). Tuesday we climbed at Seal Song where the kids top roped the two absolutely classic E3s "Seal Song" and "Ellastic Collision".

Wednesday was our rest day and so i joined Donna Ryan (another assistant coach) and family on their boat. I thought i had maybe grown out of my sea-sickness, but i was wrong. It was all made worse when they caught a big fish (pollock i think) and started hitting it over the head! I definitely considered vegetarianism at this point. We caught a couple of mackerel and went back to shore to set up the bbq. I stuck to burgers due to the inhumanely killing of the fish :P and because i don't really like fish.

I had Thursday and Friday off so i went back to Pinnacle area on Thursday and did a bit of soloing (nothing hard). It was another sunny day and i lay down on the rock platform for a wee sunbathe. 2 hours later i woke up!! Back to the campsite for another bbq! Friday was our last day and i joined the group back at Pinnacle Area ad helped set up top ropes again. Later in the day David (young Ratho climber) managed to flash an E4 6b on a top rope! He cruised through the 6b crux and came off the jugs under the chain! Amazing effort! At 5ish i got a lift down the road with Tony and i ate a massive "perfect for sharing" chocolate bar all to myself! what a fatty. Anyway, i have no photos but will try and get some off people who took cameras with them!

Oh and I passed my CWA on Monday! wooo

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