Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sunburn in Glencoe

Saturday was spent being absolutely fried alive on the East face of Aonach Dubh. We left early to avoid a super sweaty walk in but it was already about 20 degrees at 8am ! We walked up past Freakout (very high on my wishlist) to the weeping walls. On the bottom tier we climbed Curving crack- Severe, which had an amazing second pitch. After walking across the terrace we headed up Archer ridge HS. The route was a little bold at the start but the climbing was stupendous! 

second pitch of curving crack

another gun show.. with amazing view

chilling in the sun

Instead of finding the descent path (im sure there is one somewhere) we ended up down-climbing Lower Bow Moderate which was pretty interesting! After sunbathing for a bit, we went to the Kingshouse for some food and drink. It was so hot that the deer were walking about in the river outside about 20ft away from us! Amazing day but was a little bit burnt after it.

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  1. You're Scottish, if you don't come back from a climbing trip a little bit pink you aren't doing it right. Great effort!