Thursday, 19 April 2012

Snow in Glasgow!

On Saturday we headed over to Dumbarton to attempt some of the highly praised sport routes. This was the first time i had ever visited this crag and although the main wall, especially chemin de fer, looked impressive, the place was a bit of a dump. We arrived pretty early(after finding bacon rolls !) and so had the crag to ourselves, however, it was absolutely freezing! Although the sport routes that we had planned to jump on looked quality, the wind from the Clyde made it far too cold to climb.
Spotted at Dumbarton!
We decided to head back to the car and try to find Dunglass, a small sport crag that we had been to last year. With only a small road map, we surprisingly managed to find the crag pretty easily and were on the rock within an hour. The weather here wasn't much better, infact it actually snowed (only a tiny bit) while we were climbing! We did manage two amazing little routes though which definitly saved the day. They were the beef monster left and right hand variations , 7a and 6c. Hopefully next week we will get some sun, it is nearly May after all!

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